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ELID Activity Definitions

Lubricants Blender a company that manufactures lubricating oils.
Lubricating Grease Manufacturer a company that manufactures lubricating greases.
Lubricants Marketer a company that markets lubricating products (oils and greases).
Lubricants Stockist a company that distributes and markets branded lubricating products, which are not their own brand.


Base stock Manufacturer a company that produces and / or markets base stocks (oils).
Base stock Supplier a company that markets and supplies base oils, but are not a base stock (oils) manufacturer.
Base stock Re-refiner a company that re-refiners used (waste) lubricating oils into re-refined base stocks (oils).


Additive Manufacturer/Supplier a company that both manufactures and supplies lubricant additives.
Additive Supplier a company that supplies lubricant additives, but is not a manufacturer.


Raw material a company that manufactures and/or supplies raw materials to the lubricant manufacturers.


Associated goods and services a company that supplies the lubricants sector with various products and services that are not part of the manufactured lubricating product, e.g. storage, transport, consultancy, etc.


Institute / Society an organisation that provides and promotes guidance, education and standards for lubrication products.


Trade Body Trade associations (TAs) and industry membership organisations that represent industry to Governments, Regulators and the media. TAs provide information, guidance, best practice to their membership and lobby on industry related issues.



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