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Article Guidelines

The Lube Magazine editorial team is constantly looking for contributors who can provide our readers with well-balanced articles.  Articles are welcomed on any lubrication issue, product development or application trend and may cover one of the many subjects set out in the ARTICLE TOPICS list or specific topics / subjects that the article author thinks are appropriate to our sector.  Over the years countless technical subjects have been covered in Lube Magazine.  Please get in touch and we will review your submission and will do our best to publish your article in Lube Magazine.

Lube Magazine’s content covers a range of topics of current interest to those involved in manufacturing, supply of raw materials, blending, marketing, distribution, quality control, research and development of the lubricants industry.  Plus, specific sector trends, such as automotive crankcase, gearbox/transmission formulation changes that are especially in the forefront of helping motor manufacturers meet stricter emission requirements.

Articles or features pertinent to lubricant end-users to educate and help them understand the complexities of lubrication are also welcome.

OTHER TOPICS on Lube Magazine’s agenda includes industry news, forthcoming legislation, environmental issues and the resulting legislation, which are increasingly driving the market towards a global lubricant market.

Lube Magazine looks in depth at the impact of forthcoming sector specific specifications, protocols, EU and UK legislation and the ensuing formal Regulations.  Examples of subjects that have been covered, include:- Health & Safety, Environmental, Quality, ISO 9000, Packaging, Transportation, Carriage of Dangerous Goods, Duty, Lubricants Specifications, Green Issues and product stewardship to name but a few! We are keen to maintain these features and will continue to develop articles and features, which explain current and future issues.

General industry news will also be considered at any time on any aspect or application relevant to legislation and practice within the lubricant industry, its associated tribology and/or lubrication Best Practice.


Please submit finished articles/features by email to lube@ukla.org.uk or by post to Lube Magazine, UKLA House, 13 Chess Business Park, Moor Road, Chesham, Buckinghamshire HP5 1SD, United Kingdom. The article format and length guide is as follows:

  • Features can cover several pages typically 2 or 3 pages.
  • Main articles can cover 1/3 , 1/2, or 1 page
  • Lube-Tech is a 4 page technical section and contains NO advertising.
Word count:

One page of Lube Magazine equates to approximately 700 words (A4 page), with a single graphic or image.

Lube-Tech articles can have a higher word count of up to 900 per page.

Format: Normally MS-Word document, attached to email.
Photos & graphics: We require a minimum of ONE image or graphic with each article (format can be TIFF, JPEG (High resolution, min. 300 dpi) or EPS (Mac format). Bitmap graphic files are not accepted.
Copyright: Copyright of articles/features published in Lube magazine passes to the UKLA, unless the author has agreed prior arrangements with the editor of Lube Magazine.



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