Asbury Carbons

125 years providing high-quality graphite, cokes, coals, carbon materials and engineered solutions.

11 Manufacturing Facilities between North America & Europe (NL) with sources worldwide, providing synergy for better solutions to any customer of the globe.

Contact information

Fregatweg 46 B - C



6222 NZ


+31 (0)437600610


Contact: Mr Antuan Jury

Further Information

PRIMARY ACTIVITIES: Additive Manufacturers, Suppliers, Assoc. goods & services, Raw material supplier

BRANDS: Carboray, Borokote, Graphokote, SureCOAT, Kastkote, MICRO Graphite, Ultrafine Graphite, Xenokote

PRODUCT GROUPS: Additives, Dry Film Lubricants, Friction Modifiers, Industrial Additives, Oil Based Lubricants, Raw Materials, Solid Lubricants, Water Based Lubricants

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Boron Nitride, Custom sizing and particle distribution available., Graphite Nanoplatelets, Natural and Synthetic Graphite, Solid Lubricants