Vickers Oils

Vickers Oils, based in Leeds, started trading in 1828 and is now led by the 5th generation of the family.
We enjoy a worldwide reputation as an innovative supplier of high performance, speciality marine and textile lubricants, supported by our dedicated customer service team, offering our customers ‘one to one’ technical support.
Today our business is truly global, and we have customers in over 60 countries and regional stock points worldwide.

Contact information

6 Clarence Road


West Yorkshire

LS10 1ND

+44 113 386 7654


Contact: Mr Paul Smailes , Sales and Marketing Manager


United Kingdom

Further Information

PRIMARY ACTIVITIES: Blender, Lubricant company, Lubricant Marketer

BRANDS: Vickers Hydrox, Vickers Hydrox Bio, Vickers Ecosure HSE, Vickers Biogear XP, Vickers Biogrease EP, Vickers Ecosure EAF, NEOX, ACETOL, TEXTUROL, VYSTAT, FYLUBE, SPOTLESS, VICKERLUBE, JENILUBE, CIRNEDOL, Flushing Oil, FRESCOLENE, LAINASPIN, YARNOL

PRODUCT GROUPS: Marine Lubricants, Mineral Lubricants, Textile lubricants

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: EAL and Mineral Lubricants