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Lube Magazine is the European lubricants industry magazine, distributed to over one hundred countries around the globe. It provides a European perspective on the global lubricant industry.  Lube magazine is available both in print and digital which can be read online as well as downloaded. It is published by the UKLA.  Lube magazine is a bi-monthly publication (February, April, June, August, October and December).

In the latest issue

  • Main Feature: Automotive – PCMO
  • Supporting Feature: Testing and Monitoring
  • The challenges and opportunities facing modern car engine lubricants Page 10
  • eMobility: are you on the CASE? Page 14
  • The implications and impact of sanctions and cross-border trading Page 18
  • Lube-Tech: Varnish Identification – Measuring oxidation products through temperature manipulation when particle counting Page 22
  • Which is more important: ACEA lubricants standards vs OEM specifications? Page 28
  • Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL) – Performance over the years Page 29
  • In conversation with Sylvie Houry, ExxonMobil Page 46
  • Industry Events Page 30
  • Brexit Page 40

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The official journal of