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Lube Magazine is the European lubricants industry magazine, distributed to over one hundred countries around the globe. It provides a European perspective on the global lubricant industry.  Lube magazine is available both in print and digital which can be read online. It is published by the UKLA. Lube magazine is a bi-monthly publication (February, April, June, August, October and December).

In the latest issue

Main Feature: Automotive PCEO
Supporting Feature: Greases

  • The European passenger car engine oil market Page 8
  • Identifying suitable grease alternatives through rheological analysis Page 13
  • Re-refining used lubricating oils Page 17
  • Revolutionising open gear lubrication in mills with novel anti-wear additives Page 21
  • Exploring lithium alternatives in a disrupted grease market Page 24
  • Lube-Tech: Using conventional molybdenum and boron lubricant additives in electric vehicles Page 27
  • Enhancing buyer experience: Unveiling the significance of the ‘speed of response’ Page 35
  • Reducing friction, enhancing longevity, and embracing environmental friendliness Page 37
  • In conversation with Glenn Mazzamaro, Vanderbilt LLC Page 52
  • Local market report: Spain Page 55


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