Lube Magazine

Lube magazine is the European lubricants industry magazine distributed to over one hundred countries around the globe. It provides a European perspective on the global lubricant industry.  Lube magazine is available both in print and digital which can be read online as well as downloaded. It is published by the UKLA.  Lube magazine is a bi-monthly publication (February, April, June, August, October and December).

In the latest issue

  • Main Feature: Food Grade Lubricants
  • Supporting Feature: Market Developments
  • ACEA Sequences: Revisions for Insight Page 10
  • Mitigating Risk in Food Processing with Incidental Contact Lubricants Page 14
  • Are mineral oils safe for human health Page 17
  • Overview of the Lubricant Additive Market Page 20
  • Lube-Tech: The difference between ‘forgiving’ and ‘less-forgiving’ lubricants in thin film tests Page 30

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