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Lube Local Reports

In the ever-changing world of the Lubricants industry, it is important for businesses to have up-to-date information on the very latest industrial developments, be they economic rises and falls, new scientific and technological innovations, or news on any of the numerous businesses involved in the manufacture, distribution or consumption of lubricants. The historical data can also be used as a tool to chart the progress in the industry. To this end, Lube Media seeks to provide readers of its material with numerous sources through which such information can be obtained.

Our back-catalogue of Local Reports, are available to download, free of subscription, from the Lube Media website. They have been a regular feature in Lube Magazine since 2013. These reports have been provided to us by Lubricant trade associations and businesses, providing reliable, local industry information straight from the source. Now, any visitor to the Lube Media website will be able to access this excellent source of information.

Issue Number Date Country Organisation
L142 Dec-17 Germany UNITI
L141 Oct-17 UK UKLA
L140 Aug-17 Russia RPI
L137 Feb-17 Romania Lubrichem
L136 Dec-16 Poland Polska Organizacja Przemysłu i Handlu Naftowego (POPiHN)
Oct-16 Sweden Axel Christiernsson
L134 Aug-16 Bulgaria Prista Oil
L133 Jun-16 Turkey Petroyag Lubricants
L132 Apr-16 Netherlands Vereniging Smeerolieondernemingn Nederland (VSN)
L131 Feb-16 Canada Forsyth Lubrication
L130 Dec-15 Belgium Valorlub
L129 Oct-15 Germany UNITI
L128 Aug-15 Croatia GOMA Croatian Society for Fuels and Lubricants
L127 Jun-15 Poland Polska Organizacja Przemysłu i Handlu Naftowego (POPiHN)
L126 Apr-15 Italy Federchimica
L125 Feb-15 Ireland Maxol Lubricants Limited
L124 Dec-14 Greece Cyclon Hellas S.A.
L123 Oct-14 Sweden Axel Christiernsson
L122 Aug-14 Turkey PETDER
L121 Jun-14 Switzerland VSS Lubes
L120 Apr-14 Netherlands Vereniging Smeerolieondernemingn Nederland (VSN)
L119 Feb-14 Romania Lubrichem
L118 Dec-13 Germany VSI Schmierstoffe
L117 Oct-13 Cyprus Shamrock Oils
L116 Aug-13 Germany UNITI
L115 Jun-13 Belgium Lubricants Association Belgium (LAB)


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