GEIR (Groupement Européen de l’Industrie de la Régénération), the European Re-refining Industry section of UEIL (Independent Union of the European Lubricants industry), is located in Brussels.  Used lubricating oils represent the largest amount of liquid, non-aqueoushazardous waste in the world. GEIR member companies are active throughout Europe in supporting the collection of used oils and re-refining these back to valuable lubricant base oils.

It is of primary importance that one meets the actual needs in human activity by using the necessary resources and raw materials, without compromising the reserves in the long term, the needs of future generations and the quality of the environment.

The re-refining industry is entirely integrating this philosophy of sustainable development in its daily business. To save valuable raw material by re-refining used oil and turning it into a valuable raw material for the lubricants market, the quality of which can be compared to that of virgin base oils.

GEIR defends the interests of the re-refining industry and promotes a sound exchange of information on technology trends, health, safety and environmental topics as well as economic and legal aspects of the industry and collects and publishes relevant data. Quantities of waste oils produced and types of renewed products offered by its member companies are part of it.

For this reason, permanent contacts are maintained with the European official bodies as well as with all private and public organisations that are showing interest in the very actual and crucial issue of the waste oil.