Cargill’s specialty additive and biobased product development and research supports a variety of industries including lubricants and oils. Cargill is dedicated to help innovate more sustainable ideas for industries and products we all use every day. We combine years of experience with new technologies and insights to serve as a trusted partner for manufacturing and industrial customers around the globe.

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York Biotech Campus

Sand Hutton


North Yorkshire

YO41 1LZ

United Kingdom



Further Information

PRIMARY ACTIVITIES: Additive company, Additive Manufacturers, Suppliers, Base stock company, Base Stock Manufacturer, Base Stock Supplier

BRANDS: Synthetic esters (Priolube™), dielectric ester base oils for electric vehicles (Priolube™ EF) organic friction modifiers (Perfad™), polyalkylene glycols (Emkarox™), fatty acids (Priacid™) and organic and inorganic particle dispersants (Celevida™)

PRODUCTS GROUPS: Biobased esters, base oils and specialty additives

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: The Energy Technologies business in Cargill Bioindustrial creates, makes and sells specialty base oils and additives for the global energy market.