DYM Resources GmbH

As a niche oil and coal product trading company, we are able to supply high-quality products that meet our clients specific needs.

Contact information

Stralauerplatz 33-34, Energie Forum, Aufgang 4




+49 30 30809315

Email: office@dymresources.com

Contact: Miss Yana Tymoshenko , Office Manager

Further Information

PRIMARY ACTIVITIES: Base stock company, Base Stock Supplier, Lubricant company, Lubricant Marketer, Lubricant Stockist, Raw material supplier

PRODUCTS GROUPS: Group I (SN-350 SN-80 SN-150 SN-70 etc.} Group II: (200N 70N 400N etc.}, Group Ill: 4 cSt 6 cSt 8 cSt Additives Viscosity modifiers PAO Esters

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Our services include: logistics (withwith freight, bulk and dry tankers, tank and dry containers, flexi-bags. and trucks}, training !distribution, financing