Built on a strong foundation committed to RISE – Reliable, Integrated, Sustainable, Efficient, KLK OLEO is dedicated to providing you with the best sustainable oleochemical solutions to address global demands and consumer trends.

We are a global oleochemical producer, with manufacturing facilities strategically located across Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium and Italy, offering an array of high quality, innovative and sustainable products and solutions. KLK OLEO‘s production portfolio ranges from basic oleochemicals, fine chemicals to specialty chemicals and phytonutrients. Our products are used in diverse applications, including lubricants, home and personal care, pharmaceuticals, food and nutrition, polymers, industrial and construction chemicals.

KLK OLEO offers sustainable PALMESTER and TEMEST bio-based Group V base oils, surfactants, chemical specialties and performance additives for automotive lubricants, industrial oils, metalworking fluids and greases. We uphold a strong commitment to satisfy our customers and add value to your needs by providing customised products in line with the market demand.

Contact information

Level 8, Menara KLK, No.1, Jalan PJU 7/6

Mutiara Damansara

Petaling Jaya




+603 7809 8833

Website: www.klkoleo.com

Email: lubricant@klkoleo.com

Contact: Ms Janice Tan , Senior Sales & Marketing Manager, Specialty Chemicals

Further Information

PRIMARY ACTIVITIES: Additive company, Additive Manufacturers, Suppliers, Additive Supplier, Base stock company, Base Stock Manufacturer, Base Stock Supplier, Raw material supplier

BRANDS: Biolubricant Base Oils (PALMESTER and TEMEST), Fatty Acids (PALMERA and ACITEM), Methyl Esters (PALMERE), Fatty Alcohols (PALMEROL), Surfactants (GRENBENTIN, IMBENTIN, HEDIPIN, HEDILUB), Sorbitan Esters (KOSTERAN), Polysorbates (KOTILEN), Chemical Specialties (SERDOX, SERDAS, SERVOXYL, SERVAMIN)

PRODUCTS GROUPS: Base Oils, Biolubricants, Ester Base Oils, Esters, Specialty Lubricants

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Your Trusted Partner for Lubricant Solutions. KLK OLEO upholds a strong commitment to satisfy our customers and adds value to your needs by providing customised products in line with the market demand, most of them included in the LuSC-List. Paired with a team of techno-commercial professionals, we can also deliver the benefits of market knowledge, sales responsiveness, formulation support and value-added solutions, intending to maximise efficiency and improve the quality of your products while ensuring the highest level of application performance.