Master Fluid Solutions WDG GmbH

Pioneers of metalworking coolants, Master Fluid Solutions has led the industry with uncompromised integrity, innovation, expertise, pioneering technology and environmental awareness for more than 70 years. With our TRIM full line of ground-breaking micro-emulsions, specialty cutting and grinding fluids, neo-synthetics and hardworking neat oils, we have the high quality and cost-saving solution right for your production.

Contact information

Hasselsstrasse 6-14




+49 211 77 92 850


Contact: Miss Natalie Kingsford , Marketing Project Manager - Europe

Further Information

PRIMARY ACTIVITIES: Lubricant Blender, Lubricant company


  • TRIM metalworking fluids- all types of cutting and grinding operations
  • WEDOLiT- pipe/ tube expansion, forming and corrosion control
  • Master STAGES- full line of parts cleaners and maintenance cleaners
  • XYBEX- fluid management

PRODUCTS GROUPS: Metalworking fluids, Corrosion Protection fluids and Cold Forming fluids

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Research and Development, Manufacturing