Petroyag Lubricants

Petroyag Lubricants is the one of the biggest industrial supplier in Turkey and export more than 50 countries.Our products are used in more than 20 sectors including cosmetics, plastics, aluminum, chemicals and tyre. We combine years of experience with new tecnologies and R&D department to improve applications with our products portfolio.

Contact information

GOSB Tembelova

Genclik Street 32

No: 3414





+90 262 677 17 00


Further Information

PRIMARY ACTIVITIES: Assoc. goods & services, Base stock company, Base Stock Supplier, Lubricant Blender, Lubricant company, Lubricant Marketer, Marketing

BRANDS: White oils (Oyster & Merlot Series), Aluminum Cold Rolling Oil (Petral Series), Process Oils (Octopus Series), Heat Transfer oils ( Latema Series),

PRODUCTS GROUPS: White oils, Grup II&III base oils, Industrial lubricants, Specialty fluids

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Industrial Lubricants & Blender, Base Oil Supplier, Distribution, Speciality Fluids, Lubricant Marketer

MEMBERSHIPS: Foreign Trade Association of Turkey, IKMIB, TKSD, TÜSİAD, UEIL