Tetrosyl Limited

Tetrosyl is one of the leading independent manfacturer’s of automotive lubricants in the UK. The Carlube range of lubricants covers a wide range of areas from small engines, passenger cars, heavy duty vehicles, agricultural tractor and industrial equipment. All Carlube lubricants offer market leading coverage and guarantee reliable operations.

Contact information

Newgate House




OL16 1AT

United Kingdom


Email: mmdavies@tetrosyl.com

Contact: Miss Melissa Moorhouse-Davies , Product Manager

Further Information

PRIMARY ACTIVITIES: Grease Manf, Lubricant Blender, Lubricant company, Lubricant Marketer

BRANDS: Carlube, Carlube Triple R, Carlube Triple T, Carlube Driveline

PRODUCTS GROUPS: Passenger Car Engine Oils, Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils, Brake Fluids, Automotive Grease, Industrial Grease, Hydraulic Fluids

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Lubricants and Grease Manufacturer/Marketer