Veritas Petroleum Services Europe B.V. (VPS)

Whether used on a fleet of automotive engines, or on the gear boxes of a wind turbine farm, oil condition monitoring provides crucial information on the condition of a lubricant within the equipment.  VPS uses the latest analysis techniques along with expert interpretation of data parameters to make this tool even more effective.  This independent service provides full suites of tests for all different types of lubricant applications. VPS also provide testing capability for research projects, large scale fuel handling and Oil and Gas operations.

Contact information

Zwolseweg 3


2994 LB


00 31 180 221 100


Contact: Ms Vicky Campion , Global Sales Manager - OCM (non-marine) after Global Sales Manager

Further Information

PRIMARY ACTIVITIES: Assoc. goods & services, Condition Monitoring, Maintenance

BRANDS: Company activities; Independent lubricants and fuel testing, oil condition monitoring services, lab testing for lubricant and fuels research & development


PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Condition Monitoring, Predictive maintenance