History of Lube-Tech

In February 1997 Lube-Tech was first introduced into the pages of Lube Magazine, issue number 28. LUBE was initially published in 1988. LUBE started out as an internal newsletter of the British Lubricants Federation (BLF), later to become the United Kingdom Lubricants Association (UKLA).

As time passed LUBE expanded its readership to include UK end-users. The reason for this move was to influence end-users to adopt lubricants best-practice and get best value from quality lubrication products. This move helped to create more technical articles and features, and it was found that readers wanted to easily retain these for future reference. One has to remember that this was a time before most of industry had access to digital databases and most people preferred to read hard copy reports. Initially LUBE technical articles were distributed throughout the magazine, however to help the reader navigate to them, it was decided to place them into the same position in each edition.

The solution which was adopted was to introduce a centre page pull-out LUBE-TECH section in each issue, which could be easily extracted and filed for future reference.

Continuing its development, LUBE moved on to become a worldwide lubricants industry sector magazine available to all lubricant specialists and as we entered the digital age we created a data-base of past issues of LUBE and LUBE-TECH to help readers reference past topics.

The LUBE-TECHs are generally four to six pages, and occasionally they can be eight or ten, and in these instances, they are split over two editions of Lube. They do not need to follow the subjects contained within the Main and Supporting Features which can be found in the Editorial and Advertising Schedule.

If you would like to provide a LUBE-TECH for a future edition of LUBE, please do get in touch with nicky@ukla.org.uk