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  • Infineum P6895A: tailored for hybrids

    Infineum P6895A, the first market general additive package capable of meeting the demanding Group PSA test for SAE OW-20 is now available. Tailored specifically for hybrid passenger cars, Infineum P6985A has been designed with a focus on sustainability through every step of the research and development cycle, right through to in-use performance. Formulated using cutting-edge… Read more »

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  • SBZ – 20 years going strong

    SBZ CORPORATION is proud to celebrate “Twenty Years in Business” as a privately owned lubricant additive manufacturer and supplier of fuel additives, lubricant components, base oil and speciality products within the oil industry. SBZ’s journey began two decades ago with great vision, passion and focus on creating “The Major Alternative” within the industry, offering mutual… Read more »

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