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Habemus new GEIR President!

After several years at the head of GEIR, the European Waste Oil Re-refining Industry sector if UEIL (Independent Union of the European Lubricants industry), Christian Hartmann stepped down from his role as GEIR President to pass the reins to Marco Codognola, CEO of Itelyum.

Marco, graduated electronic engineer, spent a significant portion of his career in sales, business development and M&A, working for the main players of the energy sector (conventional and renewables). He joined Viscolube in 2012, where he headed the growth and diversification process of the company which resulted in Itelyum Group, now active in regenerated base oil production, solvent and chemical purification, industrial waste management.

His past years involvment in GEIR activities as member of the Steering committe, alongside former GEIR Presidents Detlev Brunhke and Christian Hartmann, coupled with his international and technical experience, made Marco an excellent fit for this leadership position.

As new GEIR President, Marco committed to further the successful work undertaken by his predecessor. In that regard, he is already rolling-up his sleeve so as to contribute to a decisive technical study on waste oils which conclusions will feed in the European Commission’s related feasibility assessment, meant to determine if the EU should establish a waste oil regeneration target. Commissioned by the Joint Research Center (the scientific body of the European Commission), the study will be conducted by independent contractors over the next six months.

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