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Infineum hits ACEA A7/B7 and C6 targets

Infineum’s market leading Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) line-up now meets the latest ACEA A7/B7 and C6 specifications, providing comprehensive coverage across the full 2021 ACEA European Oil Sequences for light-duty engines.

The new light duty ACEA sequences came into effect on 1 May 2021 and will be mandatory for all new claims on 1 May 2022. As such, the new Sequences, especially the new A7/B7 and C6 categories will play a critical role in shaping the European PCMO market for years to come.

A7/B7 is a new category building on A5/B5. Formulations meeting the demands introduced by A7/B7 need to combine low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) performance, chain wear protection to address concerns with modern gasoline direct injected engines and provide cutting edge cleanliness to turbocharger compressors.

C6 is the corresponding reduced SAPS category, built on C5, adding the same engine performance features as A7/B7, but lubricants need to also pass a new fuel economy test to achieve the C6 specification. This new test arguably makes C6 the most important of the new categories because of the exciting fuel economy potential that can be achieved from formulating at SAE XW-20 grades.

Sinéad Adamski, Infineum Regional Market Manager, stated “The test limits for the new ACEA categories provide a challenging baseline, delivering critical performance features that are essential for the continued evolution of the European PCMO market.”

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