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Infineum P6895A: tailored for hybrids

Infineum P6895A, the first market general additive package capable of meeting the demanding Group PSA test for SAE OW-20 is now available.

Tailored specifically for hybrid passenger cars, Infineum P6985A has been designed with a focus on sustainability through every step of the research and development cycle, right through to in-use performance. Formulated using cutting-edge technology which meets today’s industry specifications, including the latest claims from major French OEMs, the additive solution gives you the capability of formulating lubricants that deliver market leading fuel economy performance for a cleaner tomorrow.

Formulated for now and for the future, Infineum P6985A can deliver mid SAPs targeted OEM requirements for both new and legacy vehicles across a wide range of viscosity grades (SAE 5W-30, SAE 0W-30 and SAE 0W-20) and with the latest bio derived base stocks. As the market share of hybrids increases, Infineum P6985A enables you to service this growing market segment at potentially > 30,000** KL/year finished oil opportunities in new vehicles and > 65,000*** KL/year in legacy vehicles.

And because this is Infineum, you can rest assured knowing Infineum P6895A has undergone stringent ‘no harms’ performance tests under severe conditions to ensure it protects against the unique performance requirements of hybrids. The extensive testing has demonstrated it is adept at exceeding the challenges associated with hybrid vehicles, notably the impact of fuel/water dilution, which can lead to rust, corrosion, emulsion and wear issues if not properly managed.

The world of PCMO moves fast, and Infineum are experts in change.