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Lube Sustainability Conference 2022

Sustainability is the megatrend of our times and currently represents one of the key business drivers within the chemicals, energy and lubricants sector. To achieve their sustainability goals, companies across a wide range of industries will need to institute operational measures and decarbonisation technologies.”

Lube Magazine, in collaboration with Kline & Company commissioned In-house Research Ltd to conduct a survey on sustainability within the chemicals industry.

The purpose of this survey is to address the importance of sustainability and to analyse the impact and implications sustainability will have on the chemicals industry and its supply chains as this issue is prioritised.

The Survey has now concluded and your feedback will be analysed and summarised. Conclusions will be shared by Kline at the Lube Sustainability Conference 2022, to be held on 25th May at the Institute of Directors, London.

We thank you for your participation in our Survey. Your feedback is vital to ongoing innovation within the industry and provides you with the opportunity to help inform a global report on sustainability initiatives and opinions.

Portland-Fuel supported the Survey and agreed to offset 1 tonne of CO₂ free of charge and provide the relevant certification to participating companies where respondents agreed to be contacted.

Lube Magazine and Kline & Company would like to thank everyone who took the time to participate in our Survey – we look forward to sharing the report with you at the Lube Sustainability Conference on 25th May.

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