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Metalworking Fluid Decontamination Solution

A significant part of manufacturing is still undertaken by metal removal machining processes for the creation of precision metallic parts. Modern machine tools are capable of achieving high levels of performance, but this is only achieved if all the factors involved in their operation function perfectly together as a whole. A key element in this performance is the cutting fluid but traditionally the effective application of the correct coolant can been seen as an afterthought from a process engineer perspective, and a costly nuisance for operations staff who have to manage and dispose of them in facilities.

A costly issue associated to machining companies is a need to reduce fluid maintenance and disposal costs, and a mandated requirement to reduce environmental contamination.

Process Treatments Ltd have developed a turnkey solution that includes an oil free metalworking fluid that offers exceptional fluid performance that can be recycled in situ through its UK Granted Patent Metalworking fluid decontamination unit (MWFDU) that is designed to remove bacteria without the need to add biocides. Field tests have proven that bacteria levels can be reduced from 106 CFU/ml to below 103CFU/ml, thereby extending the life of the cutting fluid and reducing disposal costs.

Further changes to the biocide directive will potentially reduce biostability options for MWF chemists. The solution offered by Process Treatments helps to overcome this problem and following successful implementation of the solution in the UK, Process Treatments has filed Patents applications for their MWFDU in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

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