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New Chair for CEC

ATIEL is pleased to announce that Dr Nick Clague of SK Lubricants has been appointed to the chair of CEC. Nick is a well known member of various ATIEL committees and we are delighted that his company has made sufficient time available to him to carry out this role.

Nick has worked in the industry for over 20 years since completing his PhD with Adibis in 1998. He has previously worked for both Afton and Lubrizol in various roles developing formulations for many different applications from hydraulic oils through to formulating heavy duty diesel engine oils.

Nick is the Global Technical Manager for SK Lubricants and is based in the United Kingdom. Nick is responsible for technical matters relating to SK Lubricants YUBASE and YUBASE plus base oils. He also represents SK Lubricants on several ATIEL committees and regularly attends cross-industry meetings. He has been one of ATIEL’s representatives on the CEC Management Board for several years and is therefore well placed to take on the chairmanship. He takes over the role from Frank Stunnenberg of Chevron, who chaired CEC for two years on behalf of ATC, another of CEC’s stakeholders.

CEC, the Coordination Council for the development of performance tests for fuels, lubricants and other fuels, comprises four stakeholders – ACEA, ATC, ATIEL and Concawe. It is tasked with developing performance tests for fuels and lubricants.

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