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SKF and Castrol partner to offer access to circular use of industrial lubricants

SKF continues to expand its RecondOil offer through a partnership with Castrol, one of the world’s leading lubricant brands. The partnership will enable Castrol industrial customers to use integrated RecondOil Double Separation Technology (DST) systems.

SKFs RecondOil Double Separation Technology (DST) can be used in neat oil manufacturing processes. It reconditions used fluids and recirculates them back into the metalworking process, reducing consumption and handling of the oil, while improving machine performance in the process.

Thomas Fröst, President, Independent and Emerging Businesses, says: “We recognise the importance of circularity within industrial processes, and our partnership with Castrol is another step towards making this a reality. By combining SKF RecondOil and Castrol lubrication fluid technology, we can offer ‘Oil As A Service’ solutions that help reduce waste, save energy and improve manufacturing processes.”

Kamuran Yazganoglu, Vice President Industrial, Marine and Energy at Castrol says “we are committed to helping customers save waste, reduce carbon and improve people’s lives, our partnership with SKF RecondOil is a great example of how collaboration can further support customers to deliver on their sustainability goals.” ​

The combined service will be offered through fee-and performance-based contracts, initially targeting the metalworking industry.

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