Local Reports

Since June 2013, every edition of Lube has published a Local Report detailing the latest industry developments in specific regions across the globe.

Each edition of the Lube Local Report is now available to read and download, subscription free, from the links below.

Issue Date Country Article Title Credited Author Company
180 Apr 2024 Spain Local Report: Spain Tina Reading UKLA
179 Feb 2024 Brazil Local Report: Brazil Marcelo Guimarães, et al ICONIC / ICONIC Base Oils
178 Dec 2023 Germany Local Report: Germany Paul Stephenson OATS
177 Sep 2023 Croatia Croatia Local Report Bruno Novina GOMA
176 Aug 2023 Sweden Sweden and oil industry Paul Stephenson OATS
175 Jun 2023 USA EVs bring new opportunities for metalworking fluids in the United States Caitlin Jacobs ILMA
174 Apr 2023 UK Local Report – UK Rod Pesch UK
173 Feb 2023 Mexico Local Report – Mexico Paul Stephenson OATS
172 Dec 2022 Africa Local Report – Africa Mathias Woydt, Raj Shah, Mrinaleni Das Matrilub, Koehler Instrument Company
171 Sep 2022 Greece Local Report – Greece Papadelis Christoforos
170 Aug 2022 Australia Local Report – Australia Paul Stephenson OATS
169 Jun 2022 UK Local Report – UK David Wright UKLA
168 Apr 2022 Germany Local Report – Germany Paul Stephenson OATS
167 Feb 2022 Europe Local Report – Europe Dr Valentina Serra-Holm UEIL
166 Dec 2021 Netherlands Local Report – The Netherlands Harald Oosting Olyslager
165 Oct 2021 Middle East Local Report – Middle East Paul Stephenson OATS
164 Aug 2021 ASEAN Local Report – ASEAN Vera Sandarova Kline
163 Jun 2021 Turkey Local Report – Turkey Paul Stephenson OATS
162 Apr 2021 India Local Report – India Shailendra Gokhale Rosefield DAA International Consultancy LLP
161 Feb 2021 UK Local Report – UK Paul Stephenson OATS
160 Dec 2020 China Local Report – China Paul Stephenson OATS
159 Oct 2020 Spain Local Report – Spain Paul Stephenson OATS
158 Aug 2020 USA Local Report – USA Paul Stephenson OATS
157 Jun 2020 Latin America Local Report – Latin America Sharbel Luzuriaga Kline
156 Apr 2020 Germany Local Report – Germany Paul Stephenson OATS Ltd
155 Feb 2020 Japan Local Report – Japan Paul Stephenson & Artem Mazaev OATS Ltd
154 Dec 2019 Russia Local Report – Russia Paul Stephenson & Artem Mazaev OATS Ltd
153 Oct 2019 France Local Report – France Paul Stephenson OATS Ltd
152 Aug 2019 Brazil Local Report – Brazil Paul Stephenson OATS Ltd
151 Jun 2019 UK Local Report – United Kindom David Wright UKLA
150 Apr 2019 Germany Germany Lubricants Sales Edwin Leber UNITI
149 Feb 2019 Poland Poland Lubricating Oils Market Overview, POPiHN Marcin Szponder POPiHN
148 Dec 2018 Hungary The Hungarian Lubricants Market – issues and challenges Szabolcs Vida MOL-Lub
147 Oct 2018 USA Local Report – United States Holly Alfano ILMA
146 Aug 2018 India India Base Oil and Lubricant Report Gaurav Mathur Global Technical Services, India
145 Jun 2018 China China Base Oil and Lubricant Report Henry K. H. Wang FRSA FIChE
144 Apr 2018 Russia Russian base oils export is growing despite sanctions Denis Varaksin DYM Resources GmbH
143 Feb 2018 Italy Local Report – ITALY GAIL: The Italian Lubricants Association Gianluca Fenaroli GAIL
142 Dec 2017 Germany Germany Lubricants Sales 2016 Edwin Leber UNITI
141 Oct 2017 UK Petrol and Diesel engines to be banned Rod Pesch UKLA
140 Aug 2017 Russia Market Snapshot of Russia’s Automotive Engine and Transmission Oil Market NA RPI
137 Feb 2017 Romania Romania Local report NA Lubrichem
136 Dec 2016 Poland Oils and Lubricants: Introducing a uniform ‘ZERO’ RATE of Excise Duty in Poland Marcin Szponder, Extracted with permission from the POPiHN Yearly Report POPiHN
135 Oct 2016 Sweden Grease, the market and the future? Andreas Lindström AXEL Christiernsson
134 Aug 2016 Bulgaria Bulgaria, Prista Oil NA
133 Jun 2016 Turkey Turkey Local Report NA Petroyag
132 Apr 2016 Netherlands The Netherlands – Vereniging Smeerolieondernemingen Nederland Dutch Lubricants Association NA VSN
131 Feb 2016 Canada Forsythe Lubrication Greg Forsythe Forsythe Lubrication Associates
130 Dec 2015 Belgium UEIL Local Report: Extended producer responsibility of used oils in Belgium NA Valorlub
129 Oct 2015 Germany Germany; Portrait of UNITI and UNITI Mineral Oil Technology GmbH (UMT) NA UNITI
128 Aug 2015 Croatia Croatia Local report NA Goma
127 Jun 2015 Poland Poland Local report NA POPiHN
126 Apr 2015 Italy Italy Local Report NA Gail Federchimica AISPEC
125 Feb 2015 Ireland Local Report – Ireland, Maxol Lubricants Limited Owen O’Neill Maxol Lubricants
124 Dec 2014 Greece Local Report – Greece, Cyclon Hellas s.a NA Cyclon Hellas s.a
123 Oct 2014 Sweden Lubrication in Sweden, the same but different! Graham Gow Axel Christiernsson International AB
122 Aug 2014 Turkey Turkish Lubricants Market Overview Aydın ÖZBEY PETDER
121 Jun 2014 Switzerland Local Report – Swiss Market Situation, VSS lubes is the Swiss Association of the Lubricants Industry. Dr. Jan Fiala Goldiger VSS Lubes
120 Apr 2014 Netherlands Local Report – Vereniging Smeerolieondernemingn Nederland, the Dutch Lubricants Association NA VSN
119 Feb 2014 Romania Local Report – Lubrichem, Romania NA Lubrichem
118 Dec 2013 Germany Local Report – VSI, Germany NA VSI
117 Oct 2013 Cyprus Local Report – Shamrock Oils, Cyprus NA Shamrock Oils
116 Aug 2013 Germany UNITI Congratulates UEIL for its 50th Anniversary NA UMTF
115 Jun 2013 Belgium LAB and UEIL NA Lubricants Association Belgium