BfB Oil Research

BfB Oil Research assits its clients (the largest companies working in industry, chemistry, petrochemical, oleochemistry, lubricant manufacturing and greasing industry sectors) in solving their lubricant development issues, in evaluating technical and environmental performances, in quality control of lubricants, with tailor-made R&D solutions. A company of IESPM GROUP: 3 laboratories, 700 samples analysed per day, 55 years of experience.

Contact information

Parc Scientifique Crealys

Rue Phocas Lejeune 10




+33 2 32 32 19 90


Contact: Mr Vincent Bouillon , Sales Manager

Further Information

PRIMARY ACTIVITIES: Assoc. goods & services, Institute , society

BRANDS: BFB OIL RESEARCH Oil analysis & Research IESPM Oil analysis & Diagnostic

PRODUCTS GROUPS: Lubricants, Biolubricants, Transformer oils, Greases, Fuels (Diesel, Gasoline), Metalworking Fluids, Antifreeze and Coolants, Brake Fluids

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Evaluation of technical fluid performance (oxidation, corrosion), Environmental Impact Assessment (biodegradability..), Quality control, trainings