Innov Oil

Innov Oil is dedicated to the development and enhancement of polymer technology.
Whilst a viscosity index improver may only be 1% of your finished lubricant, it performs a crucial role in every formulation.

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County Kilkenny

PO Box 1

Republic of Ireland

+353 87 942 3370



Contact: Mr Marcus Arthur , Global Sales Manager

Further Information

PRIMARY ACTIVITIES: Additive company, Additive Manufacturers, Suppliers, Raw material supplier


  • P Series Semi Crystaline Pellet VII
  • X Series Amorphous Bale VII
  • X Series Styrene Powder VII

PRODUCTS GROUPS: Viscosity Index Improvers, Viscosity Modifiers, Lubricant Additives,

PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Development of Custom or Novel VII Polymers, Full Technical Training, Formulations, Equivalents or Alternatives to all Major Products in the Market