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100 years of Anton Paar

Founded in 1922 by Anton Paar the company has grown from a single machine shop to a global corporation offering highly accurate analytical solutions to the petroleum industry – across fuels, lubricants, asphalt, bitumen, plastics, and polymers – for decades.

For 100 years, they have combined high-precision technology with scientific curiosity and a thirst for research. Today, it is the global market leader in the fields of density and concentration measurement, rheometry and CO2 measurement. Many of the world’s leading companies – not just across beer, wine and soft drink production, but also in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, and chocolate and cell phone display manufacturing – rely on the technical know-how and instruments of the Anton Paar Group.

A portfolio offering automated solutions, zero or minimal maintenance, and understandable measuring routines requiring only basic training, all increase efficiency. Low sample, solvent, and energy requirements, along with fast measurements, reduce waste and environmental impact. High-quality, thoughtfully designed, Ex-certified instruments with in-built safety features enhance workplace safety. And reinvestment of 20 % of annual turnover in R&D strongly positions Anton Paar to help its petro-industry customers embrace green technology and higher levels of automation, as well as adapt to new or changed standards. The acquisition of Petrotest in 2012 further expanded a tried-and-tested portfolio.

Anton Paar’s instruments are used in R&D for environmentally friendly energy sources like biofuels and synthetic fuels. The latest addition to the company’s innovative portfolio: The brand-new SVM 1001 kinematic viscometer, running samples in five minutes or less with full ASTM compliance – a gain of 150 % throughput over manual D445 glass capillary viscometers.
And the Diana series automatically performs high-precision distillation range analysis of fuels and solvents at atmospheric pressure.

Anton Paar GmbH has 45 sister companies and sales subsidiaries, as well as 50 sales partners, and operates in more than 110 countries around the world. “Talent, commitment and inner cohesion, in both successful and difficult times, have always distinguished us and our company,” says CEO Friedrich Santner. “With these attributes, we are confidently entering the second century of our history.”

Charitable foundation
The non-profit Santner Private Foundation has owned the company since 2003. The foundation has two purposes: the promotion of non-profit science and research, and the prevention of drug addiction and the support of projects to combat addiction., Tel: +43-316-257-1309