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ACEA sequences 2021

At the end of April, ACEA published their 2021 European oil sequences for light-duty engines. These replace the 2016 version. Unusually for ACEA sequence releases, this publication does not cover sequences for heavy-duty applications. The changes to the A/B and C sequences are evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Many of the changes are due to parts previously employed in some engine testing hardware becoming unavailable.

There are two new sequences, “high-SAPS” A7/B7 and “low-SAPS” C6. They both employ new engine tests to ensure low levels of wear in Gasoline Diesel Injection chain driven camshaft engines, to control turbocharger deposits in diesel engines and to guard against low-speed pre-ignition problems in gasoline engines. Generally, the solution to this last problem has tended to involve low SAPS oils so it will be interesting to see how much interest there will be in the A7/B7 sequence.

The C6 sequence additionally uses a new fuel economy test capable of evaluating fuel savings with very low viscosity oils from 0W-20 down to 0W-8.
Two categories have been withdrawn, A3/B3 where all applications can be covered by A3/B4 and C1 which now has an extremely low number of applications.

With regard to replacing the 2016 heavy-duty sequences, ACEA says that these will be published “no earlier than June 2021”. Industry insiders believe that 4Q2021 might be a realistic time-frame and even then, there is no certainty that the new low viscosity heavy-duty F sequences will be released at the same time as the E sequence update.

Ted Wright, TRP Chairman VLS

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