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Afton Chemical ready to deliver Gasoline Performance additives quicker to Asia Pacific

Afton Chemical Corporation has completed its phase 3 expansion to add Gasoline Performance Additives (GPA) blending capabilities at its Singapore Chemical Additive Manufacturing Facility.
The expansion is in line with Afton’s ‘Made In’ strategy that focuses on effective localized supply chain solutions to its customers in Asia.

It is the first GPA blending unit in Asia Pacific by Afton and complements our global network of blending and terminal operations in the Americas and Europe. The unit and its capabilities will provide the additional infrastructure required to support the company’s long-term global growth plans and meet the increasing demands for GPA in the region.

“The GPA new blending unit is now fully operational, and we completed our first commercial fulfillment to a key customer. We have now connected our manufacturing and blending capacities globally, supporting regional and global business continuity. It will also provide security of supply and shorter lead times for our customers, said Mr. Kevin Keller, VP, Global Supply, Afton Chemical Corporation. “This is critical during this period where global supply chains are so disrupted and is testament to our ongoing investment strategy around enhanced supply chain solutions.”

“We are committed to developing cost-effective and differentiated GPA solutions ‘Made For’ the region. This addition to our supply network ensures that the total solution combining “Made For” and “Made In” will help provide our customers with a competitive edge in their markets,” said Mr. Sean Spencer, Vice President and Managing Director of Afton Chemical Asia.

“Our additive technology helps ensure these engines are performing at optimal levels to deliver increased fuel economy, reduced emissions whilst also providing performance benefits on power and acceleration for better driving experience,” said Mr. Lau Teck Aun, Marketing Manager, Afton Chemical Asia.

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