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ATIEL and UEIL Announce the Establishment of a Joint Sustainability Committee

On 13th June 2024, ATIEL and UEIL established the formation of the ‘ATIEL & UEIL Joint Sustainability Committee’.

Having previously worked closely together on the ‘Methodology for Product Carbon Footprint Calculations for Lubricants and Other Specialities’, the inaugural meeting held in Brussels formally brings together the ATIEL Sustainability and the UEIL Sustainability Committees.

The purpose of the Joint Sustainability Committee is to work on matters of mutual interest related to environmental and legislative drivers, including but not limited to the European Green Deal.

The Joint Sustainability Committee, chaired by Markus Garb (UEIL) and co-chaired by Mika Kettunen (ATIEL), will focus initially on Product and Corporate Carbon Footprint, Lubricant Use-Phase (including Avoided Emissions), End-of-Life (including Circularity) and Eco-Design for Sustainable Products.

Case Study: Methodology for Product Carbon Footprint Calculations for Lubricants and Other Specialities

In response to increasing regulatory, consumer, and manufacturer demands for product carbon footprints, UEIL and ATIEL developed the world’s first standardized methodology for calculating the PCF of lubricants and other speciality products. This initiative, independently validated by TÜV Rheinland, aligns with the European Green Deal’s objectives.

In January 2023, a Task Force comprising of UEIL and ATIEL members, external advisors, and Carbon Minds, created a harmonized cradle-to-gate PCF methodology. Published in November 2023, this ‘Methodology for Product Carbon Footprint Calculations for Lubricants and Other Specialties’ ensures transparency and consistency across the entire supply chain. It allows industry actors to analyze and reduce the carbon emissions associated with their products, enhancing efforts towards greenhouse gas reduction.

The validation by TÜV Rheinland established this methodology as an international standard, providing the global lubricants industry with a reliable and transparent approach to cradle-to-gate PCF calculations.

Together with Carbon Minds, ATIEL & UEIL experts recently hosted a recorded webinar which attracted more than 400 participants from around the world. A link to the webinar can be found here.

Mattia Adani, UEIL President, highlighted that ”through the development of the methodology for calculating PCFs for lubricants and related products, we have demonstrated that together, UEIL and ATIEL can bring enormous expertise and value to both the European and global lubricants industry. Together we will be stronger in representing the interests of the lubricants industry and bringing benefit to our members and to our society as a whole

Marco Digioia, ATIEL President, stated that “with this initiative, we aim to leverage the combined expertise and resources of both organizations with the purpose of addressing critical sustainability challenges. The development of the ATIEL and UEIL PCF methodology is a clear demonstration of the value of bringing together experts from both UEIL and ATIEL

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