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Croda awarded ICIS Surfactants Award for Product Innovation

Croda International Plc has been awarded the ICIS Surfactants Award for Product Innovation for their unique, patented molecule, called the Star Polymer. This novel, star-shaped, polymeric non-ionic surfactant serves as a building block for the development of more stable and effective formulated products including as an automotive friction modifier. The molecule improves fuel economy, extends engine life and increases the time between oil changes. These additive benefits make it a prime candidate for customers to meet ILSAC GF-6 specifications which require significant improvements in engine oil. It is 100% bio-renewable when built with ethylene oxide derived from biomass, making it unique for North America.

The awards recognise excellence and innovation within the surfactants industry. The product innovation award focuses on contributions to vital areas of the market.

Rick Hanson, Managing Director, Croda said: “Being recognised for what Croda does well, innovate, by our peers in the surfactants industry & ICIS is a great honour. Credit goes to the Croda team who managed the development of this product from concept to commercialisation. Bringing a totally new molecule in today’s highly regulated market and securing a patent on it is not an easy challege.”