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Lube industry already key to sustainability: Industry

25 May 2022

Lubricants are key to reducing friction and heat, which corresponds to 30pc of all energy wasted, chemical distributor Multisol’s chief executive David Hopkinson has said.

The industry is already delivering in this specific area of sustainability criteria by reducing friction, Infineum sustainability director Maurizio Abbondanza said.

Although the vast majority of lubes are made from fossil fuels, the products are intended to remain in the machine application.

The industry also raised the issues of recycling existing carbon, and the use of alternative feedstocks to base oils for lubricant production. Bio-lubricants are being developed based on corn, maize or soya, but only account for an estimated 1-2pc of total lubricant output.

British manufacturing company Nuspec Oil has developed three bio-based biodegradable alternatives to bright stock, which are at customer testing stage.

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