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TAYRAS Re-refinery completes one year operations

TAYRAŞ and Sequoia are pleased to announce completion of one year of operations of TAYRAŞ’ state-of-the-art re-refining plant located in Osmaneli, Turkey. The plant is capable of processing 60000 metric tonnes per year of the waste oil into high quality API Group II+ base oil, meeting the most stringent specifications for sulphur, VI, volatility and even polyaromatic hydrocarbons concentrations. Sequoia designed, specified and supplied all process equipment for the used lubricating oil processing plant based on its vacuum distillation and hydrogeneration technologies. Sequoia has granted exclusive access to its technologies to TAYRAŞ for Turkey and its neighboring countries.

Mehmet Afşin, Chairman of TAYRAŞ’s Board said; „It is a great opportunity and challenge to bring a new re-refinery alive. Whilst supply and sales has been organized local, the international technology provided by Sequoia is the heart of the undertaking. Sequoia´s team did a great job by providing the core components on time in high quality. More important is the outstanding ongoing advice and cooperation with our young local employees. I thank Rohit and his staff and our dedicated team led by Ertuğrul Kılıç for their enthusiasm and successful diligent work.“

Rohit Joshi, Managing Director of Sequoia companies said; “This plant represents an important achievement for our dedicated team and I am grateful to Mehmet Afşin and his colleagues for this wonderful opportunity. I hope we have met their expectations. I also want to thank all of Sequoia employees who worked tirelessly through Covid period to meet our obligations to TAYRAŞ.”

About TAYRAŞ;TAYRAŞ was founded in 2011 starting the refinery project with the first step, the waste oil collection. Ten years later the refinery project was on stream. The best location was chosen, financing was closed, a nationwide logistic network was established, construction, permit and start up finalized. Most important for TAYRAŞ was to establish strong local and international talents in the development of the project. Today, the company has its own logistic, production, laboratory, HSSE, compliance and sustainability, sales, administration and finance teams. In the near future, the company aims to develop new refining and waste treatment projects.

About Sequoia: Since 2006, Sequoia Global Inc. (USA) and its affiliate Sequoia Energy & Environment Pvt. Ltd of Pune, India have been providing design, engineering and equipment for recycling of wastes. These include spent lubricating oils, antifreeze, plastics, fuels and certain wastewaters. Sequoia has completed similar projects in the USA, UK and several other countries around the world.

Statement Issued 22/08/2022

Author Christian Hartmann, Chief Sustainability Office, Tayras Baz Yag Rafineri A.S.