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Workshop on Regulatory Requirements for Chemicals within a Global Market

ATIEL, the technical association representing manufacturers and marketers in the European lubricants industry, organised with ATC, the Technical Committee of petroleum additive manufacturers, a workshop dedicated to regulatory requirements for chemicals within a global market.

The main goal of the meeting, which took place on the 23rd October 2019, was to highlight the compliance challenges and to discuss best practice solutions in meeting the diverse requirements of national authorities across the world. In addition, the objective was to find a path for improving cooperation with the European automotive industry manufacturing globally today and tomorrow, scanning the horizon for new chemicals and evolving chemicals legislations.

To handle the actual challenges ACEA proposes specific actions for improvement in the supply-chain communication and ask for discussion. But regulatory compliance data communication within the supply chain is complex. It requires a need to understand the current ways of working within additive companies, oil companies and their respective customers. Once processes, data availability and customer requirements are understood, the lubricants industry can identify the challenges faced with sharing data through the supply chain and seek to improve for the future.

During the discussions in the workshop, various solutions were presented to improve communication and increase trust between suppliers and their customers. In the final discussion the attendees agreed on a common goal: establish a joint task force on chemical compliance globally (ATC/ATIEL/ ACEA) to develop, among others, guidance for the communication of sensitive information throughout the supply chain ensuring a win-win situation for all operators and the protection of Confidential Business Information (CBI).

Attendees applauded the outcome of this workshop and the willingness of all stakeholders to achieve a constructive cooperative approach in product stewardship.

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