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New UKLA Member – Nelson Brothers

UKLA is pleased to welcome Nelson Brothers as its newest member.

Nelson Brothers is a leading specialty chemical supplier of products and services to the mining industry, and
through its Specialty Chemicals Business, services customers throughout the world with polyisobutylene succinic
anhydride (PIBSA), PIBSA based emulsifiers, polyisobutylene succinimides (PIBSI), and other related chemical

These PIBSA / PIBSI derivatives are manufactured using a variety of amines including long-chain polyamines and
polyols. These can be customized to meet the specific needs of our customers.

The specialty chemical manufacturing facility was purpose-built and is dedicated to the development,
manufacture, and distribution of PIBSA, PIBSI, and related derivatives.

These specialty chemicals are produced at our manufacturing facility located in Parrish, Alabama.
Founded in 1956, Nelson Brothers is a privately held, family company with its headquarters located in
Birmingham, Alabama.

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