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Lube Media Digital Exclusives are supplementary Lube publications providing content exclusive to the Lube Media website in addition to that which is published in the bi-monthly Lube Magazine.

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Date Subject Author Company
Jul 2024 Technology for 21st century manufacturing: Electromagnetic & Wave-Based processing Dr. Lou A. Honary WAVEtek Process Technology, LLC
Jul 2024 Embarking on the generative AI journey Colin Morton independent consultant
May 2024 Women in the Lubricants Industry Abigail Waller, Ann Ball, Aysun Akik, Bead Oliver, Bhavika Sachdeva, Chloe Tite, Emma Guthrie, Gabriella Twining, Gemma Stephenson, Katie Richardson, Katty Hoste, Kerry Larkin, Laura Carter, Leyla Alieva, Lydia Moi, Michelle Haslam, Michelle Jou, Sabrina Panero, Sanya Mathura, Sarah Hilton, Sharon Charnock and Valentina Serra-Holm
Mar 2024 Plasma treatment of oil Boris Zhmud Elektrion, MicRos (Changshu) Lubrication Technology Co., ltd
Jan 2024 Navigating a growing market for high-performance lubricant additives Kunal Nadkarni Lubrizol
Dec 2023 In conversation with Mike Bewsey, President, UKLA Mike Bewsey UKLA
Nov 2023 Unlocking premium hydraulic fluid potential with zinc-free additive Charlotte Edwards and Clare Gosling Afton Chemical
Sep 2023 Update on UK/European regulations and their effect on the lubricants industry David Wright UKLA
Aug 2023 In conversation with Nigel Bottom Nigel Bottom Witham Group
Jul 2023 Tackling the future through partnership and adaptability Flavio Kliger Lubrizol Additives
Jul 2023 Sustainability in lubricants: a look at how regulatory agencies can play their role Dr. Raj Shah & Mr. Gavin Thomas, Dr. Mathias Woydt Koehler Instrument Company, MATRILUB Materials
Jun 2023 Fuel Economy: An important outlook Raj Shah, Mrinaleni Das, Ken Hope Koehler Instrument Company, Chevron Phillips
May 2023 Ammonia as a future fuel for maritime shipping Harriet Brice Lubrizol
Mar 2023 Why Environmental Protection Matters for Industrial Fluids Paul Robinson Lubrizol
Feb 2023 In conversation with Andrew Gelder Andrew Gelder IMCD
Jan 2023 New opportunities for hybrid-specific lubricants on the road to a more sustainable world Sinéad Adamski Infineum
Dec 2022 In conversation with Juergen Schiefer Juergen Schiefer Ergon International
Nov 2022 Strong trends toward energy transition may act as game changer in the wax industry Pooja Sharma Kline & Company
Oct 2022 What an exciting time to be in industrial lubricants! Advertorial Content Certas Energy
Oct 2022 In conversation with Mattia Adani Mattia Adani Nowal Chimica
Oct 2022 In conversation with Andreas Osbar Andreas Osbar Castrol Germany, GmbH
Sep 2022 The resurgence of polyalkylene glycols (PAGs) for hydrogen combustion engines Mathias Woydt MATRILUB
Aug 2022 In conversation with Catherine Macklam Catherine Macklam Q8 Oils
Jul 2022 Lube Sustainability Conference 2022 review Tina Reading UKLA
Jul 2022 Reducing product carbon footprint of lubricants by using biomass balanced basestocks: The importance of biogenic carbon modelling in LCA Dr. Christian Krüger, Simon Rauch, Prof. Dr. Peter Saling and Dr. Sabrina Stark BASF
Jun 2022 In conversation with Marc Hong & Gabriella Twining, Argus Media Marc Hong & Gabriella Twining Argus Media
May 2022 Energy transition in the Netherlands Dymen van Emst VSN
Mar 2022 Future potential framework for synthetic lubricants Dr. Mathias Woydt, Dr. Raj Shah, Director MATRILUB Materials Tribology Lubrication, Koehler Instrument Company
Feb 2022 In conversation with Thomas Norrby, Technical Manager & Senior Specialist – Lubricants, Nynas AB Thomas Norrby Nynas AB
Jan 2022 Growth in the synthetics market chimes with sustainability goals of automotive and industrial end users Pooja Sharma Kline
Dec 2021 In conversation with Andrew Goddard Andrew Goddard Morris Lubricants
Nov 2021 In conversation with Colleen Jones-Cervantes, President, Chevron Oronite Colleen Jones-Cervantes Chevron Oronite
Oct 2021 In conversation with Maurizio Abbondanza Maurizio Abbondanza Infineum
Sep 2021 In conversation with Jacquie Berryman Jacquie Berryman (interviewed by Andrianne Philippou) The Additive Technical Committee of Petroleum Additive Manufacturers in Europe AISBL (ATC)
Aug 2021 In conversation with Petra Bots Petra Bots (interviewed by Andrianne Philippou) OilDoc GmbH
Jul 2021 Importance of copper corrosion in wet eMotor systems Pär Nyman M.Sc. and Peter Björklund M.Sc. Scania CV AB
Jun 2021 In conversation with Mike Skypala, Managing Director, OATS Ltd Mike Skypala (interviewed by Andrianne Philippou) OATS
May 2021 In conversation with Victor G Martinez Victor G Martinez (interviewed by Andrianne Philippou) ExxonMobil Basestocks
Apr 2021 In conversation with Nigel Bottom Nigel Bottom (interviewed by Andrianne Philippou) Witham Group
Mar 2021 eMobility: Not the end of the road Adam Banks Afton Chemical
Mar 2021 Time to look for alternatives as Group I departs David Hedengren and Dr Gaia Franzolin Nynas
Feb 2021 In conversation with Erin Durham, Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing, Kline Group Erin Durham (interviewed by Andrianne Philippou) Kline Group
Jan 2021 Water Soluble Thickeners for Industrial and Ecofriendly Lubrication Erik Willett, PhD Functional Products Inc.
Nov 2020 Fuel economy considerations: Effect of lube oils and their volatility Dr Raj Shah, Dr Ken Hope and Nathan Aragon Koehler Instrument Company and Chevron Phillips
Sep 2020 Developments in lubrication efficiency through nanotechnology Dr Aubrey Burrows Nanol Technologies Oy
Sep 2020 Modern Global Engine Oil Standards Dr. Raj Shah, Dr. Hind Abi-Akar and Mr. Stanley Zhang Koehler Instrument
Aug 2020 In conversation with Dr Christine Fuchs, Vice President Global Research & Development, Fuchs PETROLUB Group, Chair of the UEIL Sustainability committee Christine Fuchs (interviewed by Andrianne Philippou) Fuchs PETROLUB Group
Jul 2020 Greases and Grease Thickener Systems Dr. George S. Dodos ELDON’S S.A.
Jun 2020 In conversation with Peter Vickers Peter Vickers (interviewed by Andrianne Philippou) Vickers Oils
May 2020 Developments in marine lubricant specifications Dr. Raj Shah, Mr. Jack Jiang and Mr. Anson Law Koehler Instruments
Apr 2020 Corona versus Climate? Sebastian Dörr Lubtrading GmbH
Apr 2020 Managing Your Business in a Crisis David Wright UKLA
Mar 2020 Impact of the Stage V off-road emissions standard on agricultural engine lubricants Lisa Davis, Matthew Bentley and Denis Gryazev Lubrizol
Jan 2020 Sustainability and lubricants: the next steps into a sustainable future Dr. Stephan Baumgärtel VSI
Nov 2019 Bio-Degradable, Water-Based Lubricants to Spin Up Gear Applications Yogesh Sengar Future Market Insights
Nov 2019 Correct lubrication of pump bearings Philipp Theilmann Timken Europe
Sep 2019 Viscosity Matters Boris Zhmud BIZOL Germany GmbH
Jul 2019 Grease Production, CO₂ emissions a New Relationship! Andreas Dodos Eldons
May 2019 In conversation with Tracey Gardiner, Vice President, Base Oils, Chevron Corporation Tracey Gardiner (interviewed by Andrianne Philippou) Chevron Base Oils
Mar 2019 Women in the World of Lubricants Jan Ward, Caroline Slinn, Kate McArdle, Rachel Drewitt, Teri Crosby and Andrianne Philippou
Mar 2019 Lubricant Blending and Quality Assurance David Whitby
Mar 2019 Lubricant and Waste oils data reporting – essential to business decisions! Christian Hartmann GEIR
Mar 2019 Attributes of champion lubricant plants, Americas Omer Chowdhury PIMS
Jan 2019 Assessment and verification of environmental acceptable hydraulic fluids (EAHF) according to the European Ecolabel’s revision Part 2 Vincent Bouillon BfB Labs
Nov 2018 The drive forward: Pioneering solutions for the next generation of Mobility needs Ray McDonald, Global Strategic OEM Advisor ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company
Sep 2018 The use of Group III in Heavy Duty Diesel Engine oils in Europe Nick ClagueClague, Global Technical Manager VHVI Base Oils
Jul 2018 Bosch Rexroth – Fluid Rating: Validated hydraulic fluids increase the service life of the hydraulic system Karl-Heinz Blum, Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Ellenrieder Bosch Rexroth AG
Mar 2018 TBN, What’s in It for Me? Prof. Dr. Boris Zhmud BIZOL Lubricants GmbH
Mar 2018 ReMade in Italy Marco Codognola Viscolube
Mar 2018 Quo Vadis Engine Oil – The developments from internal combustion engines to electro-mobility Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilfried J. Bartz Technische Akademie Esslingen
Mar 2018 Social Media – Finding Value in the Lubricants Industry Jo Stephenson PHD Marketing
Dec 2013 Lubricating space exploration Keith Campbell Castrol